A demand system analysis of food for poor and non poor households. The case of Argentina

Berges, Miriam y Casellas, Karina (2002). A demand system analysis of food for poor and non poor households. The case of Argentina. Comunicación presentada en 10 Congress of the European Association of Agricultural Economists, Zaragoza [ESP], August 28-31, 2002.

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The purpose of this paper is to provide some microeconomics tools to discuss and evaluate public policies that imply transfers of income from the public sector to the poor and their impact on their food demand and calories and nutrient intakes. This study is concerned with the differences in subsistence expenditures, own-price elasticities and income elasticities for two households groups segmented by income: those people below the poverty guideline and those above it. The attention of our research is focused on a demand system for all food groups included in a National Consumption Survey and examines the household food consumption behavior by partitioning the sample. A complete system of demand equations, the Linear Expenditure System (LES), has been used due to its relative empirical expediency. Some additional econometric techniques to correct the bias in the parameter estimates were also applied because of the large number of zero observations in the data. Preliminary estimations following the procedure suggested in the Park et al. (1996) paper, gave some results that they were not as good as we expected and we finally use an alternative one based on Shonkwiler and Yen (1999).

Tipo de Documento: Documento de Conferencia (Paper)
Conferencia: 10 Congress of the European Association of Agricultural Economists
Inst. Patrocinadora: European Association of Agricultural Economists (EAAE)
  • Publicado: 2002
Palabras Clave: Consumo de Alimentos, Demanda de Consumo, Gastos de Consumo, Consumidores, Poder de Compra, Ingresos de los Hogares, Nutrición Humana
Alcance Geográfico: Argentina
Filiación: Facultad de Cs. Económicas y Sociales > Centro de Inv. Económicas y Sociales > Grupo Economía Agraria
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URI: http://nulan.mdp.edu.ar/id/eprint/1019
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