Individual transferable quotas in Argentina: policy and performance

Bertolotti, María Isabel; Baltar, Fabiola; Gualdoni, Patricia; Pagani, Andrea N. y Rotta, Lautaro Daniel (2016). Individual transferable quotas in Argentina: policy and performance. Marine Policy, 71, 132-137. ISSN 0308-597X.

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The purpose of the article is to describe the Argentine ITQ system during the early years after the initial allocation in 2009 and introduce the Argentine case in the discussion on ITQs. This paper has been elaborated based on statistical information derived from fleet and catch data of the Fishing Log System of the Undersecretariat of Fisheries and Acquaculture and Management Reports on the Individual Transferable Quotas regime. The implementation of the Argentine ITQs regime took into account issues learned from other countries and from the theoretical debate about the pros and cons of the ITQ system. The Argentine ITQ regime introduced enough flexibility to dismiss the disadvantages of this system pointed out in other international experiences.

Tipo de Documento: Artículo
Publicación/Revista: Marine Policy
Editorial: Elsevier
  • Publicado: Septiembre 2016
  • Publicado (en línea): 1 Junio 2016
  • Aceptado: 18 Mayo 2016
  • Enviado para publicación: 9 Diciembre 2015
Palabras Clave: Cuota de Pesca, Política Pesquera
Alcance Geográfico: Argentina
Filiación: Facultad de Cs. Económicas y Sociales > Centro de Inv. Económicas y Sociales > Grupo Economía Pesquera
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